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Recently, I came across this podcast called “8 proven signs you will be successful in your life” by Brightside. I instantly stopped my work and listened carefully to all the points mentioned. Honestly, it was super impressive the way they explained it. …

A few days ago I visited the city of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, located in the north of India. It is a beautiful place with the authenticity from the olden days, which happens to be my birthplace. From the tradition to the dressing style, it is very unique. Recently, the…

Navratri is one of India’s most celebrated festivals. It means “nine nights”. it is derived from the Sanskrit word “Nav” meaning “nine” and “Ratri” meaning “nights”. It is celebrated throughout India in various forms. This festival is the festival of the feminine goddess Durga. These nine nights signify the triumph…

Recently, I read this very interesting book called Grandparents’ bag of stories by Sudha Murty. She is one of my favorite authors. The book is amazing and was written during the lockdown. It has tons of interesting and creative stories, which I found very fun to read. My favorite chapter was “What’s Luck Got To Do with it?”. The short stories written in the book were very imaginative and outside the box. I couldn’t have ever imagined explanations of some reasons in this very beautiful way.

Do you ever hear,

the music through your ears?

Do you ever feel the beat,

like a beating drum?

Do you ever dance when the music begins to play?

Or do you twirl and prance,

sitting on your chair?

Do you hear the tune,

like a flower bloom?

Or do move your head side to side,

like a bobblehead?

Do you ever sing along,

the beautiful ongoing song?

Do you ever hear,

the music through your ears?

. . .

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The Olympics Games is a celebration of sports where all athletes and sportspeople come together to celebrate their talents. It is held every 4 years and all countries from all over the world send sports people to participate in the ‘Games’. This year, the Games were held in Tokyo, Japan…

There is a saying — Old is Gold. But, is it still gold? Well, this article may give you an idea. In the olden days, there was not much technology, development. But, the people led a very healthy lifestyle. They ate healthily, thought healthily, and were healthy. These days, there…

These days, it is hard to step outside. It is, although, normal for us to get sick/wounded. It is dangerous to go to hospitals for anything other than covid. So, everyone prefers to get help from online platforms such as practo, DocsApp, 1mg, medlife, PharmEasy. These platforms are really helpful. They provide instant assistance and have thousands of doctors available. 1mg, medlife and PharmEasy provide medicines to your doorstep. Seeing the state of people in India, these platforms are very popular there. I hope everything will be alright very soon. Salute to all the people out there in the field helping us.

. . .

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the front cover of the famous book “Time Travelling with a hamster”

Yesterday, I finished reading another book written by the bestselling author — Ross Welford. It is an amazingly written book about a boy named Albert (Albert Einstein Hawking Chaudhary), who, on his twelfth birthday, receives a letter from his mum, who had received it from his dad who died 4…

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