There is no Planet B

We all noticed that during the covid-19 lockdown, animals had started to come out on roads wondering why we, human beings have stopped destroying their forests. These innocent animals don’t hurt us, we do. Just because we have power we destroy our earth. We still have time to save our mother earth. We can do so by not using plastic.

‘’Save Earth’’

Plastic is non-biodegradable and takes thousands of years to decay it cannot even burn and melt. This is very harmful for us and our earth we should use paper bags instead. Paper bags recyclable and biodegradable at the same time. We should plant as many trees as possible and bring our green planet back.

Last but not the least, save water. Saving water is something very important, if all the water on earth finishes, there is no planet b. By following simple steps you can save water. Like using bucket for bathing, closing the tap while brushing and remember even one drop counts.

With all these steps in mind we should be able to save our planet. It can make huge differences. Our ozone layer will be able to recover and our animals would not go extinct we will have lot of water again and we will be able to breath fresh air.

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